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Cronier's Fine Jewelers

Celebrating your Past, Present & Future

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After Christmas Sale…up to 50% OFF
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Generation after generation, we have something for each time in your life to celebrate.
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For that special time…We are there to help with one of the biggest decisions of your life.
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We carry an array of Ball and Tavannes Watches to fit any lifestyle.
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  • FE518

    Tacori | FE518

    Lace-like, crescent-shaped diamond accen…

  • FP501_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP501

    Tacori’s crescent heart gleams in 18k wh…

  • FP570_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP570

    An oval of diamonds is surrounded by a f…

  • FP571_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP571

    A teardrop of diamonds within a crescent…

  • FP628_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP628

    A unique shape combines thoughtful desig…

  • FP629Y_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP629Y

    Floating diamond Flower pendant from the…

  • FP631Y_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP631Y

    Floating diamond six-petal snowflake pen…

  • z_chris01038

    Christopher Designs | G55-EC100

    18kt white gold ring with 1.04 carat Cri…

  • FP633_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP633

    Floating diamond Flower pendant from the…

  • FP649_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP649

    A sparkling floral snowflake, from the S…

  • FP647_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP647

    A petite butterfly, from the Small Wonde…

  • FP1016Y_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP1016Y

    Romantic and gothic in architecture, thi…

  • FP622_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP622

    Tacori’s multidimensional Champagne Suns…

  • FP624Y_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP624Y

    Tacori’s multidimensional Champagne Suns…

  • FP668Y_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP668Y

    Tacori’s multidimensional Champagne Suns…

  • 22817bnd-r

    Natalie K | 22817RC-W

    A 1.83 ct. rose cut brown diamond is sur…

  • FE633PK_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FE633

    Delicately lacy floating blossom earring…

  • xlarge1-46704

    Ball Men’s Watch | NM2090CLJBKWH

    Ball Engineer Fireman II White Dial …

  • fr802

    Tacori | FR802

    A modern extravagance of diamonds. This …

  • 23553-wr

    Natalie K | 23553-WR

    This beautiful diamond pendant features …

  • 16370-w_1_3

    Natalie K | 16370-W

    14kt black gold swirl earrings with 1.11…

  • 15785am_w_c_3

    Natalie K | 15785AM-W

    14 karat white gold oval amethyst and di…

  • FN660Y_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FN660Y

    Tacori’s multidimensional Champagne Suns…

  • 23669-wr

    Natalie K | 23669-WR

    14k White and Rose Gold Diamond Circle F…

  • w49427

    Tacori | FP576

    Absolutely unique pendant showcases an a…

  • nk11235

    Natalie K | 11235-W

    14k white gold holds 170 brilliant round…

  • 14531-w_2

    Natalie K | 14531-W

    This 14k black gold drop pendant is drip…

  • 23019wb-w

    Natalie K | 23019WB-W

    Pave set in 14k white gold in this exqui…

  • 22913blk-w_1

    Natalie K | 22913BLK-W

    A 2.79 ct. pear shaped deep black diamon…

  • 22407am_wb_1

    Natalie K | 22407BT-W

    14kt white gold pear shape blue topaz an…

  • 22275pkam_r_4_2

    Natalie K | 22275PKAM-R

    14kt rose gold cushion pink amethyst and…

  • 16213brctyg-r666-24_1_2

    Natalie K | 16213CT-Y

  • 22329ct_y_1

    Natalie K | 22329CT-Y

    14k Yellow Gold Diamond Citrine Earr…

  • 23590am-r

    Natalie K | 23590AM-R

    14k Rose Gold Amethyst Diamond Earrings …

  • 22765bt-w_a

    Natalie K | 22765BT-W

    An astounding blue topaz stone sits at …

  • 22327bt_w

    Natalie K | 22327BT-W

    14kt white gold pendant with 2.19 carat …

  • 23602sq-b

    Natalie K | 23602SQ-B

    14kt black gold pendant with round smoky…

  • 23302pa-w

    Natalie K | 23302PA-W

    14k White Gold Pink Amethyst Diamond Pen…

  • Ritani-2383_M_6SA1867BRSAP_M

    Ritani | 6SA1867BRSAP

    Endless Love three stone vertical design…

  • Ritani | 6RZ2536CR

    Floral design diamond pendant with a rou…

  • Tacori - FP574_multi

    Tacori | FP574

    Contemporary flourishes accent a totally…

  • FE633PK_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FE633PK

    Floating diamond Flower earrings from th…

  • FE1017_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FE1017

    Woven waterfall platinum and diamond ear…

  • FP657_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP657

    The Champagne Sunset cross features diam…

  • Tacori - HT2430B_multi

    Tacori | HT2430B

    Platinum and diamond straight band, pict…

  • 20895fy-wy

    Natalie K | 20895FY-WY

    A majestic 2.02 ct. cushion cut fancy ye…

  • platinum-101ct-diamond-pendant-by-jack-kelege-jd44808-1-L

    Jack Kelege | jd44808

    This designer necklace by Jack Kelege is…

  • FP657_multi.zoom

    Tacori | FP657

    The Champagne Sunset cross features diam…

  • 23553-wr

    Natalie K | 23553-WR

    This beautiful diamond pendant features …

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